Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where is the Stimulus Money Being Spent?

This is an interactive map of the United States showing county by county where Federal stimulus dollars for transportation projects and their projected expenditures. Projects are divided by category. he map also shows population and unemployment county by county.

The economic stimulus is doing "nothing", so say the wingnut obstructionists.

That "nothing" means that our aging infrastructure is being rebuilt.

Transit funds to get people to school, work and around town.

Safer roads can save your life, what is that worth Mr. Obstructionist?

And the stimulus means jobs! Jobs mean more jobs for others in the community.

WTF does this mean to you? "Nothing" if you believe the entertainers on Fox News.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Republicans Say Screw Health Care Reform and You!

The Gutting of Health Care Reform

President Obama has said that, under his health care proposal, all Americans would have access to "Health care that is as good as the health care that I have as a member of Congress." Basically, the gov pays 75% of the insurance costs.

WTF! Why can't we get the same health care as our representatives?

You may be surprised to hear that the VA
Outranks Private Sector in Health Care Patient Satisfaction and still costs 2/3rds per patient compared to medicare.

Over its 75-year history, the VA has created "The largest integrated health care system in the world and arguably the best," Nicholson said. Some 237,000 VA professionals provide health care to more than 7.5 million enrollies through 154 hospitals, 860 clinics and 200 veterans centers. These health care facilities are "on the leading edge of technology and safety" as they provide a model for the medical profession, VA Secretary R. James Nicholson.

But, sad to say, Obama and the Democrats are caving in to the far right wingnuts by gutting heath care proposals and for what? To appease Republicans who say they will never vote for any form of reform anyway!

What will be left is a totally gutted bill destined to be a failure when implemented and the Democrats will get the blame for this failure.

A great plan the Republicans have! Anything to regain power, no matter how badly it hurts those they represent.

These Republicans with the insurance companies are as un-American as Osama bin Laden!

Let use their line and "Just say NO!" to obstructionism for the sake of obstructionism.