Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google + Youtube + Republicans = 0

To Fox News, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Rove, President B/C and other hard core Republicans. You need to learn a simple truth.

This is the information age!

First: Spell check is built into almost everything now. There is no excuse for misspelling words and then leaving them misspelled, unless that, no one proofreads the propaganda. Can't you stomach your own words?

Second: Everyone now can check your stories with Google,, etc. Information is now easy to access. You kids do not seem to appreciate that you have this. Back in my day, information was hard to come by. first you went to your local library. If they did not have the information, Inter library loan would be used. First checked was the local area, then the state. If you could still not find the information, there was intrastate library loans. You could try to find information buried on micro fiche. Then there was the ever popular send your money in and get back some photocopies of the information you were seeking, hoping what they sent you was the right pages.

Third: video camera, cell phones, etc. Now we the people can be the first to see video pictures and sound clips of your screw ups.

WTF are you Right wingers thinking? That you can feed us any line of BS and we won't bother to check your "facts"?



Friday, May 29, 2009

Dick Cheney Before Cheney Dick's You!

Dick Cheney before Cheney dick's you!

So this is what I have gathered from the Dick and Liz show.

There are documents, secret documents, classified documents. You know, those documents that no one can see so we will say that these documents prove that torture works! We can say that they won't be unclassified, even I, the De facto ex president, can not get these documents unclassified because they are so powerful. So the Dick and Liz show goes on with no one able to rebuke their claims.

Opps......who would have thought that Senator Carl Levin can look at these documents, say they do not back up the lies and recommends that they be declassified?

Curses, foiled again!

Looks like Dick just got dicked.

A personal question to Mr. Cheney, as a father of a wonderful daughter myself.

WTF kind of father are you? How can you whore out your daughter to foster your own deceit and lies?

Mr. Cheney, you are truly a bastered!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Police Interdiction at Bus Terminals

Collier County, Florida.

(Name withheld) was arrested at an east Naples bus station on 6.28.09 by members of the Collier Sheriff's Office Interdiction Team.

When (name withheld) was approached by the officers "a strong marijuana odor" was detected and a search turned up 1,000 ecstasy pills was found on him.

Detectives approached him as part of a routine patrol conducted with the cooperation of Greyhound Bus Lines.

WTF? An interdiction team on routine patrol with the cooperation of Greyhound Bus Lines?

Do police around the country stake out all the bus lines and terminals?
Are interdiction teams lurking about at railroad stations?
Do they check the names of taxi passengers?
Are they profiling?

Just something for YOU to think about.

Another thing I read over and over again "A strong marijuana odor was detected" stated as the reason to conduct a search.

Is it illegal to smell like Marijuana?

Calling all entrepreneurs. How about making a cologne/perfume that smells like marijuana? That would drive the police interdiction teams crazy.

Musing here: Say a Senate Page walked through the hollowed out halls wearing your Ode-dePot colongne/perfume, How many Senators would flash back and make a dash for the cafeteria?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pay attention to your surroundings you morrons

WTF is wrong with you people?

I am on an elevator. The doors open and there you are! Standing right in front of the door as it opens. You begin to rush into the car as I try to exit. Oblivious to my presence.

What would you do? WWJD? LSMFT?

Do you let them push you back in?
Do you stand there and let them squeeze by you?
Do you push them away as you exit?

My second choice is to stand motionless and let them try to sqeeze by.

My fist choice, when I am able, which is often, is to leave the essence of that 7 bean taco I ate as a midnight snack. Really...I'm old, I fart...therefore I am an old fart! Use it or lose it!

Then there are those people that, after they enter a building, they stop and stand there. Oblivious to all others that wish to enter or exit the building. I would like to ask them what they are thinking but I know that they are not. If you are an old fart, you are allowed to hit them with your shopping cart.

Pay attention to your surroundings. You share this planet with billions of other people.

You are not the sun with everyone else orbiting your Holiness.

You are just another turd in the septic tank, you piece of shit!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Todays Word: Empathy

Empathy is the capability to share your feelings and understand an others emotions and feelings. Another definition of empathy is the Theory of Mind which is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires and intentions that are different from one's own. (Thanks Wiki)

If I believe the pundits of Supreme Court nominee Judge Sotomayer, empathy is a very bad thing to posses.

Why is this? Is being aware of how other people feel objectionable?
That she may have an understanding that others have there own beliefs?

This sounds just like the person I would want in the Supreme Court. Actually, I want that from anyone I come into contact with. This is how I am.

This boils down to Bush/Cheney’s (see my note) take on the world “If you’re not with us, you are against us!”

I am lazy and I have a hospital visit to make so all you get is this following quote by Rush Limbaugh from his web site 6.26.09. (Brackets are my words)

“RUSH: …. "Should the Republican Party oppose Sonia Sotomayor?" and I will restate what I said in the first hour: Yes! (Why? Does she have a bad record as a judge?)

Because opposing Sonia Sotomayor is how you tell the nation who Barack Obama is and isn't. (I do not follow this.... is and isn't what?)

That really what we're interested in having happen. (WTF…I thought we're interested in a new Supreme Court judge, I am so stupid.)

Aren't we interested in having the American people figure out who it is they really voted for? (I am pretty sure they really voted for Obama. Time for Mr. Limbaugh figure this out)

Well, Sonia Sotomayor illustrates who Obama is, (Uhmmm, would that a president that might care about the majority of Americans?)

(A)nd that's the primary reason to oppose her because I don't think she can be stopped.(Brilliant!)
She's got the votes in the Senate. So does Obama. (Don’t appose her on her record, we will lose)

It's a cliche(SP), but elections have consequences.” (Yes they do. We are still learning the consequences of electing B/C)”

Hey, that was too easy. Yeah, I am lazy and did not look for an “Empathy” quote from Mr. Limbaugh and no, I did not read any other Right Wing web sites for fear that my brain would implode.

Note: I will refer to the eight years between Clinton and Obama as the Bush/Cheney years in as that I believe that Cheney was the De facto president. B/C for short.


Mission Statement

Sensibility, thought and decorum is vanishing into the Ether.

I find the need to ask questions of those in power, think that they are and those who are not. To comment on my observations and generally just sit here and ask....WTF?

Follow along as I try to amuse you while I amuse myself.

Just another Old Fart in the wind.