Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Two Million Year Old Smoothie

" Ancestors may have used bone tools to make smoothies
18:07 22 April 2009 by Ewen Callaway.

Ancient humans might have used animal bones to grind fruit smoothies as well as dig up termites, a new analysis of mysterious 1 to 2 million-year-old tools suggests."

WTF??? Where have I been?

I tried my first smoothie a few weeks ago. No one ever told me about them. No one ever bought one for me, till a few weeks ago.
I like them, a lot!

Now I am always on the look out for foods that I can make into a smoothie.

Why have I never had a smoothie before this? Why has no one ever told me how good they can be and that I should try one. Where is that list of things one should try before they die?

I have tried pickled goats eyes and other oddities. Why was I never told about smoothies? I think everyone were just keeping smoothies to themselves.

A mango's in the back yard just fell off the tree. Time to make some mango smoothies.

Now where did I leave my Super Bass-O-Mattic '76?


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am an American Citizen of the world!

Newt Gingrich says he is NOT a citizen of the world, he is a citizen on the United States.

He must think he is better than his hero, President Reagan, who WAS a proud member of the World.

I guess that they have not paid attention to the world wide banking system collapse.
They don't believe in global warming. If it is not hot in their back yard, it does not exist.
They seam not to understand about the global economy and how the whole planet is tied together.
No idea that information courses around the planet in seconds instead of months.

They actually seem to know very little about the world outside their little little pond. Remember the Book "Yurtle the Turtle" by Dr. Seuss? Do you think Newt's mom or dad ever read it to him? Newt's love ponds.

Just think of it like this Newt. you are a Virginian, I am a Floridian but we both are Americans. Can you extrapolate out? We are Americans, someone else is from another country but we are all earthlings.

They are proud American citizens who continue attacking other American citizens for not thinking as they do.
These closed minds act just as a hunting dog, raised only in the back yard, does. They are afraid, whimper and cower when presented with the wide world.

There is a lot to learn when you are a citizen of the world and too many in the United States do not which to even try to understand. Can you say empathy?

WTF? Newt, ever see a photo of earth from space? Could you even pick out where you live?

Get your head out of the pond muck and look around!

I am a proud American citizen of the Big Blue Marble.


Monday, June 8, 2009

I Was Poisoned by a Christian!

Poisoned by a Christian? WTF!!!!!!

I got to use the neighbors garage to work on my car. They were foreclosed on after she was rear ended at a stop light. Huge medicals bills and lost her job. He had to close his company since it was tied into the building industry. They tried to work it out with the bank but the bank didn't care. Now the bank won't to deal....too late 5/3rd, you now own another house that you loaned $200,000 on and in now worth $75,000.

Anyway, I had shut the door and worked on my car for an hour and a half. When I took a break and left, when I came back I could smell it, Malathion. To quote Wiki "If malathion is used in an indoor, or other poorly ventilated environment, it can seriously poison the occupants living or working in this environment." Also in the cocktail was DDT. The wiki encyclopedia definition is too long and the health problems are grim. As a tadpole in Liberia, I was constantly exposed to DDT. I remember getting squirted with DDT to "protect me from malaria".

So I do not have to be exposed much to become ill.

I do not blame the neighbor that has to moved. I blame the previous owner.

He was a old Midwest farmer. Very christian in his mind. He took it upon himself to be the neighborhood watch. It was so bad that my partner would not go outside if she knew he was out and she seldom when on the side of the house next to his. He would call the police if a car drove by that he didn't like.
He was always right as the lord was behind his life and actions. If you questioned him, you questioned the lord and that would send you to hell. It is no wonder that religions have screwed up this planet.

He had told me that he didn't have to take the chemicals to a toxic waste site when he moved. "The new owners will use it in the yard to keep up the landscape as I have."

Thank you old fart neighbor for you have hastened my demise.

"Thou shall not kill"

Oh yeah, You railed against 7-11 and the internet as porn merchants that will be smote down as Sodom and Gomorrah was. Well you should have disassembled the secret attic room and removed your porn collection before you moved.

"Thou shall not covert they neighbors wife"

And Stealing? There is a program where the electric company pays you to be able to cut off your air conditioner when they are low on power. He had the box bypassed and still got paid.

"Thou shall not steal"

In my book, that's strike three. I wonder what his St. Peter will say?

"Let those without sin cast the first stone." He has never grasped this simple concept.

March on you christian solders! The Lemmings went that way.