Friday, May 6, 2011

A Warning for Women and Those who Love Them!

­"Republicans want smaller government with less control over our personal lives."

Conservatives want  nothing short of ideologica­l control of lives - control over women in particular­.

Republicans want to criminalize abortion but at the same time they want to eliminate funding for all the programs that help poor mothers and children. They deny women the ability to control how many children they have then also deny them the help they need to raise the children they have. It all comes down to their desire to control women and keep them dependent. stem from a set of basic and consistent religious principles that have long been at the heart of conservative, Republican politics.

Women need to have more children and they need to be prevented from having any sort of control over when they get pregnant or how often they get pregnant. At the same time, they must be denied any assistance (public assistance, as opposed to faith-based assistance from churches where aid can be tied to accepting traditional Christian ideas about women's social roles) in raising those kids, educating those kids, or keeping those kids healthy. This is their idea of to force women to abandon their rebellion against God and men. 

Once they abandon their feminist rebellion, they will recognize their true place at the feet of the men in their lives. Once they take the learn their place in society, men will also learn their place and then all of society will be healthy again. The economy will be right again, politics will be right again, and all will be good with the world. In this way, practically everything that's wrong with the world is attributed one way or another to women failing to adhere to the traditional social roles that Christianity demands. In effect, women and feminism are to blame for everything and thus putting them in their place is the solution to everything.

Republicans are anti personal freedom. They only support freedom of corporations to control the world. They want people censored so people will be good sheep. They want to take our rights away...

1. Who to marry
2. What religion to worship
3. Who to have sex with
4. Where to build your place of worship
5. Where to go for entertainment
6. What ideology to follow
7. What language to speak
8. Who gets to be a U.S. Citizen
9. Who is Christian
10. Who you give birth to.

Is it clear enough to you yet? You are at war against conservative fascists for your rights and freedoms. 

Are you going to let them take them?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Instructable Hacking with a USB Keylogger Keystroker

The only reason to make this is if you want to illegally capture someone's keystrokes without them knowing and hack into their computer. You have been warned!

Instructables is a great site to learn how do do a myriad of tasks. It can bring out the anarchist in you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthers, Tea Party and other White Trash

Lets say that you are not Anglo White Male. Hey you are in the majority!

OK for the sake of argument, as if I can stir one up with you lame asses, even if your name is anonymous.

Lets say that you are in a group of black and brown people who showed up with guns at events attended by the President, threatening nullification and secession, and engaging in treasonous talk, how many seconds would pass before they were locked up and taken out by the F.B.I. as threats to the security of the State? If you guest 14 seconds, you are a winner and may pick a prize.

The natural order of things equates being White and male with having natural authority and ability--a set of traits which exist without question or doubt regardless of competence or ability. Whiteness deems the inverse for people of color.
Whiteness equals authority. Thus, any White person, at any time, can question the accomplishments of a person of color.
Whiteness is a get-out-of-jail-free card. 
Whiteness is also the freedom to be utterly unreflective regarding the foolishness and madness of one's deeds and statements as long as the target of such madness is "the Other"
White privilege is freedom from accountability.
To be truly American, a person must be White. This is one of the central unspoken but widely accepted truths of race in America.
White privilege is the ability to be "normal" and "invisible." 
Whiteness is never interrogated. 
Whiteness is the default position for viewing the world. It is a cognitive map and means of processing reality. 
Whiteness is the ability and power to reframe reality. Despite whatever documents or evidence exists.

America witnessed the rise of Sarah Palin to fame and glory, a woman who rides White populism and racial resentment in much the same way that a witch rides a broom. As a second addition to the Tea Party GOP's Rogues Gallery there is a carnival barker named Donald Trump, a man who once lurked stage left but is now the GOP front runner as he perfectly embodies PT Barnum's famous observation that "There is a sucker born every minute while shilling for the worst and most ugly nativist and xenophobic impulses of the White Conservative Soul.

If you are a person of color, with the same reputation of 1/2 Governor Palin, do you think you would garner 1/10 of the interest she does?

If you were a silver spooned multiple bankrupt shiester, would you have millions of people supporting you?

I think not!