Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama Begins to Destroy 50 Cities to Appease Environmentalists!

Obama and the Central Government plan on taking your home and business, destroying it and everything you have worked for just to make some tree huggers happy. While planing to cut 40% of the population! WTF!

It seems virtually everyone—from Wall Street bankers to ... business owners—has been affected by the economic downturn. Now, the recession’s latest victims may be American cities. The Obama administration is reportedly ... plans to raze ... 50 economically depressed US cities, condensing these towns’ shrinking populations and city services to smaller areas. The plan, dubbed “shrink to survive,” may seem kooky, but it could be big news for environmentalists: In many cases, bulldozed districts would be returned to nature via forests or meadows. This is what the liberal right radical tree huggers want, more trees, less people!

The plan is ... currently underway in Flint, Michigan, the original home of General Motors. The town now suffers from a higher-than-average unemployment rate (about 20 percent) and a rapidly dwindling population, and local politicians claim the city must reduce... to avoid bankruptcy. Flint’s shrinkage plan is spearheaded by Genesee County treasurer, a Democrat, who was reportedly approached by the Obama administration to look into other areas of the country that would benefit from a size reduction.

The government will focus on 50 US cities identified by the Brookings Institution, a Washington " Liberal "policy organization. The list may surprise some, as it contains major metropolises like Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Memphis, as well as other former industrial hotspots. Government officials... bulldozing beloved towns may cause some citizens to cringe.believe that downsizing these economically depressed cities will provide...more green! 

WTF! No U.S. media reported this story. Even Fox News let us down. Tweet this story! Blog it! Get the word out before your home is torn down!

Bardus populus es facile fossor!