Thursday, February 11, 2010

Robert Harvey Oshatz. Architect

WTF? Why do I not live in a house like this?

Robert Harvey Oshatz designs buildings of organic "Wright" simpleness with the use of industrial building concepts.

Why do I live in a simple concrete 3/2? Spouses never had the vision it takes of what it would be like to live outside a box. A couple of unused college courses in architecture and now I assume that I will never get a self designed plan built.

And what is your excuse?


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Build it Yourself Lego / Conex Electric car

When I first stumbled onto TREXA  impressed me with thier concept.

Today, TREXA  announcing a base price of US$15,999 for the lithium-powered, modular platform which is designed to facilitate the creation of custom "vehicle apps".

WTF!! Grown up Lego and Connex sets!

It reminds me back to the days of the original VW Beatles. The body was bolted on a modular chassis about twelve bolts and you could bolt a new, stylish body on.

I want one!!!