Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rebuplicans eat their own

At a cost of $40-50,000, Florida lawmakers held a special session called for by Florida's Governor Charlie Crist. Crist had proposed to let voters choose in November to put a permanent ban on offshore drilling in the state's constitution.

Remember Bush Sr? Kudos to him for prohibiting drilling off Florida state waters. Mainly because the family would vacation in Boca Grande to fish in Pine Island Sound. By putting the ban in Florida's constitution, it would make it much more difficult to overturn like California did.

71 percent of Florida voters wanted the chance to vote on the oil drilling ban.

And WTF do you think happened in our Republican majority House? After 49 minutes and no debate, the vote to adjourn the session, without a vote on the drilling ban, broke down along party lines, 67-44.

The Florida Senate, which had planned to meet through Friday, adjourned hours after the House vote, saying there was no point in conducting a debate when there was no chance a bill would pass.

The Florida Republicans hatred of Charlie Crist stems from his acceptance of stimulus money and a one armed hug he gave Obama. 

Because of this passionate embrace, Florida Republicans adjourned partly as a bid by Republicans to weaken Crist and deny him a victory he could use after leaving the Republican Party to run for the U.S. Senate as an independent, against tea party Marco Rubio.
Florida had received $8.2 billion in stimulus funds. Governor Crist says that has created or  saved 87,000 jobs, including 26,000 teaching jobs.

A majority of Floridians make their livelihood from the $6,000,000,000 tourism Industry.

They work their asses off in the heat and humidity so that visitors can have a good time. We want our beaches saved and we want a say in it and what have the Republicans told us?


At the next!  Remember, you ARE the boss of these assholes. You hired them, you can fire them!

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