Welcome to the Facebook Townhall

And that was it...the whole extent of the governors participation in his Town hall Meeting?

This should be expected from him I guess. He will not answer questions from the press, He only like to give out news at Tea Party parties. He spent $74 Million of his salary, that he made ripping off $300 billion in medicare funds, that was YOUR money folks, yet you let him walk with it, then you elected him governor. He then promoted himself to Father Knows Best.

This excuse just in....Gov. Rick Scott held his first Facebook town hall meeting and came to a quick conclusion: "Twitter's way easier." The governor was bombarded with questions on his Facebook page Tuesday. He found when he began responding, it wasn't easy to find the answers. The person who posted them would get notified, but with hundreds of questions streaming in, others trying to follow along would have to scroll through in a not-so-easy search.
In a quick attempt to fix the problem, questions were cut and pasted into his personal FB wall.
Without telling people at the site of the meeting...something does not smell right.
He'd then fill in an answer, leaving a little less space than he should have and making the process more cumbersome.
In the end, he answer 13 questions on his wall. You can tell that they were all hand picked and lame.

But that's our gov, he is so smart that he does not need to do a walk through. WTF, just another "I am MUCH better than you" nuvo rich, ass munch!

So there they are, the questions and answers posted on his wall.....not at the town hall.