Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ass Wipe Florida Gun Laws or Rick Scott Bonerhead!

One of us is Rick Scott.

Rick Scott, medicaid thief and self proclaimed full-blown 2nd amendment supporter who is now the T-bag governor (who payed 74 million of his own "stolen"money to become governor)

This NRA glory hole has decided that Florida's meager gun laws are too strict. We already have the "Bring your guns to work" law and if you feel threatened in your home, you can kill anyone and get off  "Scott" free.

Bills now up for consideration will entitle you to carry your concealed weapon in the open. This bill would also allow you to carry your gun, in the open, on university campuses and in private schools. Hey wants a dead student or 20?

Another bill prohibits doctors from asking patients about gun ownership. The fine is up to $5 million dollars and five years in prison. Crazy? Doctor can't ask if you have a gun and are a threat!

The third bill would limit gun  regulation to the state. Prohibiting local governments from passing or enforcing any gun laws.

The reasons given for these laws?

"It is the right thing to do" "I have no reservations on pushing the bill" "The only way to stop a perpetrator is with equal force" Rep Evers (R).

"The casual removal of a sport coat at a restaurant or a gust of wind can suddenly expose a legally concealed weapon and put the owner in violation of the open carry ban." Marion Hammer, Former NRA president and lobbyist for Unified Sportsmen of Florida. I'm sure you love to flash your penis gun!

"An open-carry law would deter crime. For example, a would-be bank robber might think twice if he or she saw someone standing nearby with a weapon"  I am sure the tellers are thrilled at this idea.

I am sure that the picture in the minds of these ass wipes is that of white male manly men with guns. Protecting the frail women folk and shooting any shade of skin color darker than albino!

I am all for it! Forget about wheels for your ride, big penis guns are all the rage! What a great arms race this will foster. I can see it now.......

Gun owner one: "My gun got more bling than yours!"
Gun owner two: "Your gun is mine now!"

If I was a tourist, I WOULD NOT VISIT FLORIDA!
If I was planning to retire in Florida, I WOULD NOT!

The next Republican-T-Bag town hall, campaign stump, etc., lets all take our guns and carry signs such as "Democrats with Guns!" or "Liberals are liable to pop a cap" or "Gays can still shoot straight!"
Oh, by the way Mr. Scott, where are the 700,000 jobs you promised?