Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Cancer Treatment ?

When I speak of thinking outside of the box, this man is a great example.

John Kanzius had no medical background and never completed college. He had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Less than two years later he came up with the idea of using radio waves to target and treat cancer by injecting a hot dog with copper sulfate and subjecting it to radio wave generating machine he had built. The treated part of the hot dog got hot.

It has been discovered that antibody laced nanoparticles of gold attach themselves attach themselves to the cancer cells, providing the "antenna" for the radio waves to heat and kill the cancer cells.

There are still many questions and years of tests but this could be one of the most promising steps forward for a cancer cure.

If that wasn't enough, while testing his theory,  Mr. Kanzius discovered another use for his radio wave generator. Salt water burns! This opens up a new potential energy source. This also provides a link to desalination of salt water and decontaminating polluted water.

Four uses discovered for a home built radio wave generator.

WTF box are you still stuck in?