Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Last Post on Rush Limbaugh

These will be my last comments I post on Mr. Limbaugh.


All I have to do is repeat the treasonous, domestic terrorist spiel that spews from his mouth. His own words suck him down. I would rather not have to listen to his blubbering anymore.

He does not represent anyone that can think for themselves. This does seem to be a growing portion of our society unfortunately.

He has one agenda. His power as omnipotent leader of the righteous Ditto Heads.
Who am I kidding? Its all for him! He will screw over everyone of you for a $.

Speaking of watching this guy, on what looks like 1st generation camera phone video technology, what is the deal with his repetitively pulling at his shirt? Cooties? Drug induced hallucinations of left winged insects? He wants to show off his man boobies?
The thought of this on HDTV frightens me.

I agree with what
the RNC likes to repeat....

"Just say NO!"


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