Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elvis Presley's Lost 1958 Cadillac Found

From NBC-2.COM

An unexpected discovery inside a 1958 Cadillac is creating quite a buzz at a Charlotte County car shop.

A worker noticed a gold-plated cigarette lighter and ashtray mounted on the back seat. The piece has the words "Elvis Presley" engraved on it.

And now for the WTF? moment:

Shop staff says the current car owner didn't even know it was there.

Now they're trying to trace these wheels back to the king of rock and roll. "We found a web site that there was rumor he owned a '58 Cadillac which this isn't the real color, the title of the car show it's supposed to be black," said Charles Allison of Nick's Custom Cars.

How cool is this? I wonder what they found under the back seat?


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