Friday, July 3, 2009

I Have the Mango Crusty Lips Blues

I love mangos.

WTF you say"? You never ate a fresh mango?

Eaten as fresh fruit, mango ice cream, mango soda, mango crunch, mango tarts, mango shakes and even mango Icees from 7-11. From the first turpentine mango I ate in Liberia to the wonderful mango's found on Pine Island Florida to the rare tree in the back yard that stated as a seed in the compost pile and rivals the best mangos I have ever had from a grafted variety.

Now I have the mango Crusties. Little bumps at the corner of my mouth. A rash that burns, worse with salt. Dry, scaly herpes like lips. Hurts to smile.

Just a touch of mango skin to my lips brings on the crusty's. I am lucky that after a two weeks of slobbering through mango's, all i get is crust in the corners of my mouth.

I am allergic to latex, poison ivy, so bad that I contacted it in January in Michigan and poison sumac of which mangos are in the same family.

I will never stop eating mangos and I will probably never learn not to eat them in moderation.

I am going to go eat some mango ice cream to sooth my lips.


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