Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch Disasters while flipping burgers on the Balcony of your Private Jet

If you find yourself asking questions such as "What wine goes with a famine?" or "Does this dress make me look fat during an earthquake"? Then this may be just what you are looking for, you big ol' lovable high net worth individual, you!

BAE Systems has partnered with luxury transport design consultancy firm Design Q to develop an "Air Deck" viewing platform concept for BAE’s Avro Business Jet (ABJ). Aimed at jet setters that like heading off the beaten flight path, the Air Deck transforms the rear of the aircraft into an extended living space by way of an elevated outdoor viewing deck.

Adapted from the cargo side-door modification, an electrohydraulically powered side door opens to reveal a concealed platform that extends out from the rear of the aircraft and allows passengers to take in the evening air in secure surroundings. And since the ABJ aircraft are designed to access short and unpaved runways in remote locations, those surroundings won’t be limited to less than picturesque airport runways and hangars. Now you can land right on top of any disaster.

The Explorer One includes a high-spec interior and is aimed at “high net worth individuals who want the freedom to travel and explore remote locations in a stylish and comfortable way.” It includes a fully equipped office workstation in the forward bulkhead and a large display cabinet on the opposite side of the aircraft. A place to display your trophy mounts, be it mounted or still breathing. White marble stone is used on the floor of the entrance vestibule as well as the central table situated aft of the lounge in a crescent shaped alcove.

WTF you say? A bit skimpy on the Luxuries and the number of "friends" that can be taken along on a junket? Fear not for what better honour is it for us pee-on's but to give up our capital, individually just a mere pittance of what is needed, so that you may upgrade to a shiny new Explorer Four model!

Explorer Four might be a better bet. Aimed at the luxury charter market it can accommodate four couples or singles in their own private VIP cabins. Each cabin includes a sofa and chair combo that converts into a full-sized double bed, an entertainment system with a 17-inch HD monitor and a full-length wardrobe. There is also a crew rest area for the on-board service team located in the converted lower hold area. See, the rich do take care of their pets!

Gary Doy, Owner/Director of Design Q said: “These concepts challenge conventional thinking and blend the proven attributes of the ABJ a blow job aircraft with customer focused design solutions providing a unique lifestyle product. I believe these products will have enormous appeal to owners and operators who are looking for the ultimate luxury travel experience.” In other words  FTW! and U2!

Please make sure your porch is in an upright and locked position before takeoff.  


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