Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Batavus Moped and Me

Welcome to my world. This is now my transportation, a 1977 Dutch Batavus Moped

First of all, this is a real moped. The word Moped is derived from the term motorized-pedal.
All the time, shady dealers attempt to pawn off their Chinese crap scooters as mopeds because "mopeds don't need a license" This is not necessarily true but here in the melanoma state, a moped does need to have pedals and be under 50cc , otherwise you need a title and a motor cycle license.

So now, this is main transportation. It is not that I can't drive because of a DUI, I have chosen this mode of transport. My own personal protest against "the man" You may have the pleasure of picking who "the man" is.

So here I am. My world has become smaller but more intimate. With a few modifications "tuning" the Ped got a three MPH increase to 28mph and that has has made a very noticeable change.
Rust from the fuel system

Remember Earth Day in 1970? My generation who was going to fight the pollution has ended up becoming huge polluters.  The pollution is there but it is not seem as much in the US sky's and now we have oil laying on the floor of the gulf. Hidden from view but destined to taint many lives for many years.

All this not withstanding in the wind. I enjoy the feel of freedom riding around. About 2/3 of the people I see smile. The other 1/3 are just asses because they can be. I always give these folks a little rev as I go by hoping for a backfire.  WTF, I iz a little bastard! I am old and I can say what I want!

I will keep up with reports of this new transportation mode of mine. I may even give some history and repair advise but that depends how generous I am feeling that day.

May the wind always be behind me, I need the boost. You may now kiss my shamrock.

Swarm and conquer!


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