Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scott invites you to a tea party

Governaty Ricky wants to do away with The Florida Highway Patrol, and have the county patrol the highway

Florida Senate’s powerful budget chief, J.D. Alexander, who wrote a letter Tuesday asking the governor to cite the “legal authority” for the way he sold two state planes. Sen. J.D. Alexander said he believed the Feb. 11 transaction was unlawful because the governor failed to get the Legislature to sign off on the $3.67 million deal and kept some of the money from reaching the state treasury – a highly unusual transaction.
Alexander, who wrote a letter last week saying the deal wasn’t legal, wrote his follow-up Tuesday so that Scott would tell him specifically who advised the governor.

 Taking an unusual tack to dealing with a $3.6 billion budget deficit, Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled a budget Monday that cuts $4 billion in property and corporate income taxes.
The budget, which the newly installed governor has said is the nation's most fiscally conservative, also cuts $4.6 billion in spending from services such as Medicaid and prisons. Public employees would also have to contribute 5% for their pension benefits, which will save $2.8 billion over two years.

In December, the Obama administration gave Florida about $342.3 million in additional funds for the rail line, meaning that Washington had committed to covering the full $2.4 billion projected cost of the project.
That $342.3 million was part of $1.2 billion intended to fund high-speed rail projects in Ohio and Wisconsin which had been spurned by newly elected governors in those states.

Saying he was "extremely disappointed" by the decision, LaHood said Scott's stated reasons made no sense, since any financial risk for Florida had been eliminated by a federal requirement that private businesses competing for the project absorb any cost overruns and operating expenses.
He said in a statement the project spurned by Scott "Could have supported thousands of good-paying jobs for Floridians".

Governor Rick Scott has become a one-man wrecking crew for Florida's economy, putting at risk over 100,000 jobs as he tries to impose his extreme philosophy on the Sunshine State. 

"While we are at it, I will split the court and add more judges so as I can pack the Florida Supreme Court with MY appointees"
Thanks Rickey! You little fascist!

♪ Whose the leader of the state that made for him....not you!♫♪
♪ R-I-C-K-E-Y!.....R.A.T.! Rickey Rat!♫♫


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