Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Tea Party on ME T-Shirt by Tracy Knauss

 I have blogged about Mr. Krauss's artwork in a previous blog (go ahead and look, I'll be right here waiting your return) and I have used his art work for illustration.

Tracy is one of the finest political satirists in America at this time. His artwork and prose captures our changing (hopefully) times.

Help to support Tracy and his art. Wear one his shirts to your next occupation!

"To buy this shirt or choose from 25 others: 1. Click on the link below, and "LIKE" my TracyPhotoArt page. 2. Click on "T shirt Store under my profile pic. 3. Pick your shirt design, size and quantity. (Note: there are five pages of my designs). 4. Go to check out and pay via Pay Pal. Note: you do NOT have to have PayPal to pay. You may use you credit card. Also NOTE: Facebook requires the mandatory agreement to check out and pay. If you want to avoid this, send the amount for the t-shirt and shipping in a check made payable to Tracy Knauss, 1085 Bailey Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37404. For shipping it's just $1.50 extra for every addition t-shirt after the first one. Thanks so much. Here's my link:  " Tracy Knauss in FaceBook

Being a lazy, crazy old man, I like my internet to be easy to use. My one click link.

If you do not buy a T-shirt, the next grey haired, no tooth bum you see setting fire to a bag of dog crap on your front poach WILL be me.

Order NOW! The dogs are standing by!


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