Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am an American Citizen of the world!

Newt Gingrich says he is NOT a citizen of the world, he is a citizen on the United States.

He must think he is better than his hero, President Reagan, who WAS a proud member of the World.

I guess that they have not paid attention to the world wide banking system collapse.
They don't believe in global warming. If it is not hot in their back yard, it does not exist.
They seam not to understand about the global economy and how the whole planet is tied together.
No idea that information courses around the planet in seconds instead of months.

They actually seem to know very little about the world outside their little little pond. Remember the Book "Yurtle the Turtle" by Dr. Seuss? Do you think Newt's mom or dad ever read it to him? Newt's love ponds.

Just think of it like this Newt. you are a Virginian, I am a Floridian but we both are Americans. Can you extrapolate out? We are Americans, someone else is from another country but we are all earthlings.

They are proud American citizens who continue attacking other American citizens for not thinking as they do.
These closed minds act just as a hunting dog, raised only in the back yard, does. They are afraid, whimper and cower when presented with the wide world.

There is a lot to learn when you are a citizen of the world and too many in the United States do not which to even try to understand. Can you say empathy?

WTF? Newt, ever see a photo of earth from space? Could you even pick out where you live?

Get your head out of the pond muck and look around!

I am a proud American citizen of the Big Blue Marble.


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