Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Two Million Year Old Smoothie

" Ancestors may have used bone tools to make smoothies
18:07 22 April 2009 by Ewen Callaway.

Ancient humans might have used animal bones to grind fruit smoothies as well as dig up termites, a new analysis of mysterious 1 to 2 million-year-old tools suggests."

WTF??? Where have I been?

I tried my first smoothie a few weeks ago. No one ever told me about them. No one ever bought one for me, till a few weeks ago.
I like them, a lot!

Now I am always on the look out for foods that I can make into a smoothie.

Why have I never had a smoothie before this? Why has no one ever told me how good they can be and that I should try one. Where is that list of things one should try before they die?

I have tried pickled goats eyes and other oddities. Why was I never told about smoothies? I think everyone were just keeping smoothies to themselves.

A mango's in the back yard just fell off the tree. Time to make some mango smoothies.

Now where did I leave my Super Bass-O-Mattic '76?


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