Monday, March 8, 2010

Liquid Glass Super Protective Coating

Invention starts when someone takes a thought and makes it work. This is what Apple did when they saw the graphical user interface (GUI) proposed by Xerox. It didn't actually work but not knowing that, they designed the Apple OS.

"SiO2- ultra thin layering” is the technical term for Liquid Glass.

The flexible and breathable glass coating is approximately 100 nanometers thick (500 times thinner than a human hair), and so it is completely undetectable. It is food safe, environmentally friendly and it can be applied to almost any surface within seconds . When coated, all surfaces become easy to clean and anti-microbially protected. Houses, cars, ovens, proctologist or any other protected surface become stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with water; no cleaning chemicals are required.

But wait! That's not all, there's more!

Items such as stents can be coated, and this will create anti sticking features. Catheters and sutures which are a source of infection, will also cease to be problematic.

Vines coated with SiO2 don’t suffer from mildew, and coated seeds grow more rapidly without the need for anti-fungal chemicals.

How the technology works, is in essence, they extract molecules of SiO2 (the primary constituent of glass) from quartz sand, and then we add the molecules to water or ethanol. The really clever part is that there are no added nano-particles, resins or additives. The coatings form and bond due to quantum forces.

WTF! this scenario was in a sci-fi story years ago. An old farm house, covered in a tough protective layer, like glass, never aged as it stood the many decades it housed the extraterrestrial. 

This is not science fiction! Very soon almost everything you buy will have this coating. This technology is now available for domestic use in Germany. Full scale retail availability in the UK will commence in early 2010. 

As for the US, what do you want to bet me that some "Special Interest Group, LLC" will fight this to save or make $ no matter the cost or harm done to the public.

Can you think of a way to use Liquid Glass?


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