Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arizona, Home of the Fourth Reich Nazi Republicans

WTF!! Where did my America go? 

I remember the days of The Andy Griffin Show.

Now we have states talking succession, raising armies and now this crap from den demokratischen Staat Arizona. The capital, Buchenwald, former known as Phoenix, has issued new decrees for the non politicians of the state.

The law requires state and local police to determine the status of people and to arrest people who are unable to provide documentation.

"May I see your passport, please?"  Firesign Theater 

Soon other Far right states will adopt the same tactic employed by Arizona. A big "Yee....Haw" goes up in Texas and South Carolina will praise the Lord as the lord has praised them with tax free money and "Bitches".

Indians will file suit in den Demokratis Peoples Courts and the United States Supreme Court to allow Indians these same rights. Watch out Whitey!

I am sure that there is other pearls of shit buried in this bill and though these pearl may gleam for a few bigots who couldn't go a week working and living like the minimum wage scum they do not represent. These pearls stink of pure shit to the thinking people of this country.

Time to stop thinking and time to start doing?
I don't mean the right wing "grab a gun" approach.

Everyone should decry this and other atrocities the Right Wing Tea Party Republican Biggots. Made up of 99% lard-butter honkies. Call them out! Shout out their names! 

Write, blog, Letters to the editor and by a voice that can be heard by the apathetic!

WTF? These shit heads are not who my father fought in a war to protect us from.


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