Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self Cleaning Brain Cells of Slacker Florida Teachers

"Because you can't, that's why!"

Remember back in the day, There was only so much knowledge that we had to learn and that was it, nothing much more to learn. If you do remember those days then you are most likely not reading this because you are afraid the InterWebNet will give you herpes.

In our lifetimes, we have seen the future become the past faster than we ever could imagined. The growth in academic publications is up 71.54% with a doubling time of 1.28 years, and for patent applications, filings are up 71.37% with a doubling time of 1.29 years.Knowledge now doubles itself every 15 months! WTF!!!

I remember my fathers grand parents telling me stories of living in a cabin. Shooting deer and turkeys out of the one and only window. The homestead was near 16 Mile (Big Beaver) Road. The 16 mile trip to the big town of Detroit would take them two days to make though it could be done in a day in an emergency. Their entire life was lived in a 20 mile radius. Never had a TV, washer / dryer or a hot water tank. A dentist for gramps was pliers to pull and chewing tobacco to staunch the blood flow. All done while sitting in the rocker on the front porch.

Great grandfathers only car was one he won in a radio contest. It was delivered, he tried it and the controls were not the same as was on a tractor. The car lasted 43.6 seconds.

My mothers grand parents had the first indoor bathroom and phone in their county. They were extremely progressive people.

My "Wonder Bread Years" was the Leave it to Beaver era, not to be confused in my later  beaver hunting era. A simple and happy time, except for the ever present threat of total global nuclear annihilation. The general public was taught not to think, to not ask questions of authority. Bliss.

In my lifetime, we have done what was once called impossible, too technically advanced or not even yet dreamed of as a possibility. And applications of these technologies is a whole new snowball of businesses rolling down the hill.  Nanotechnology is yesterday's plastics, Joe.

Thought is like many sided, rotating Rubik cube. Ever spinning in your head till they come together and a spark of a idea is emitted. Do you have any thoughts?

The internet helps. It can feed your mind with different cultures and ideas. I Posted two blog, one about liquid glass and the other about artificial spider hair surfaces. Did you read those yet? Why not, slacker? Go read them now! The rest of us will wait through you inconsideration. 

While they are catching up on reading, let me digress. With the growth of knowledge coming so rapidly, the teachers are out of touch on the subject unless they continually study and you know human nature, slackers, "I learned everything in college. I don't need to know more." That is too...too bad because you are a slacker. You are out of date, the people you are practicing teaching on may know more than you. So you are a teacher, the best this country has? I can't fathom the self importance these slackers have. The few good teachers are driven into private service leaving you behind to fill the void. And in Florida, teachers are not paid by results. WTF! I wish I had a job like that!

Ok....Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs.

What did you get out of those two articles? There maybe a thousand answers, a thousand careers. Perhaps you could combine the two technologies. An article covered by the two idea could make protected surfaces that clean themselves from a rain. 

Surrounded by mediocrity,

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