Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rick Scott, Tea Baging Florida one old fart at a time.

Welcome to the land that time forgot. The everglades swamp, gators the size of a small car.

Now the biggest gator of the land has spent $73,000,000.00 from the $300,000,000.00 of "earnings" his former hospital corporation, Columbia/HCA  ripping off Medicare to the tune of, ready for this?  $1.7 BILLION DOLLARS....That's $1,700,000,000.00 dollars his company was fined for taking YOUR money.

So this Scott dude, The same guy who allowed systemic and rampant fraud of the federal government to take place, runs for governor and wins. ...because people who he stole from are too stupid to listen to anything other than FOX and the Florida republican news media.

Florida votes a multi BILLION dollar thief into office!!!!!!

 Now Scott is paying his staffers with gift cards!
Could the Scott campaign be using the cards to pay their staffers in denominations so small, they don’t have to report the wages to the IRS?

Solantic, the Scott company that operates a string of for-profit clinics across Florida
Charged with employment discrimination, Medicare fraud, wrongful death,
repeatedly used doctors name and medical license information without their permission or knowledge. By allegedly misappropriating their information, the company was able to keep clinics operating in contravention of state law.

 Scott and Solantic have repeatedly refused to release any of the settlement agreements, depositions, or any other information they can conceal behind a wall of confidentiality.

And so the collapse of Florida begins!

Oh, The new Lt. Governor is being investigated by the FBI for forgery.

WTF happened to this country when the crooks rule openly?


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