Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Hail Rick Scott! Florida's answer to Ceaser Augusta

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Hang on folks and watch that smile, the Rick Scott show is coming to town!

Hey Bozo, lets try top-down management from a political novice. Duh...yep,yep,yep!

Cuts in almost every department including education, Medicaid and employee pensions.
And he says the limited spending will help create jobs. slash education spending by 10-percent, cut $3-billion from Medicaid and cutting pension benefits for state workers.
Teachers, firefighters and police officers take de facto pay cuts in order to contribute to their own retirement. The only department that did not cut and actually got more funding is the office of the governor with many 6 figure new hires. When Scott gets bored playing king, his large staff can run the state.

Scott ordered a review of every regulation in the pipeline and every contract exceeding $1 million.
Florida already has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country so Scott cuts taxes by $2 billion. Scott has made eliminating the tax a priority.

"Think of how exciting it will be when our schools are recruiting our children, when every school in the state focuses on continual improvement in order to outperform every other school in attracting students.I am calling for an increase in the number of charter schools — public schools that are allowed to work independently of school boards and can innovate in ways that encourage all schools to improve." This and cutting 10% of the Education budget is Scott's idea of training high tech workers.

Some more soon to be famous Rick Scott quotes.

"If a hurricane comes our way I have asked the Division of Emergency Management to report
directly to me. I will be personally and continuously engaged in solving problems." Scott must believe he is god almighty so he will handle all the problems himself.
"We're going to bring Florida's retirement system in line with other states by having government workers
 contribute towards their own retirement, just like everyone else." I can smell Wisconsin from my house.

"Providing a modern, a health care safety net for our low-income and disabled citizens is an important state function to save money and provide better care by adopting market principles and giving patients more choices.Unfortunately, the federal government requires Florida to get approval before expanding the use of these innovative, cost-saving programs." Scott partly owns a chain of "Doc-in-a-Box" called Solantic and Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies, a chain of drugstores. 
"Another government program with good intentions and potentially disastrous side-effects is our system
of unemployment compensation.threaten to create even more job losses. By working with this Legislature,
we will bring down those costs." By cutting benefits before you lay off the state workers?

"We can't allow frivolous suits and unreasonable awards to give our state a reputation that frightens away new jobs." Injured from a product or a bad doctor? Fuck you!

No income tax, a phase out of the business tax, the expansion of the Panama Canal....more than 407,000 new jobs

"I ask everyone to look beyond the short-term and imagine with me what Florida will look like when we turn our state around. Such a moment may not come again." OMG! Florida will be an empty shell.

"It's a rare blessing in life to be in a position to improve (Destroy) the lives of millions of people."

With his cheesy,  hand caught in the cookie jar, smile and his dashing, skeletal, /Max Headroom looks, our supreme leader proclaims!

"One for all and all for Koch & me! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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