Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Political Artwork of Tracy Knauss

Tracy Knauss is a brilliant political satirist and commentator. Seemingly not picked up by any print or video media, I will let his art speak for itself.

Sarah Palin has crashed and burned, again, as a pseudo historian/politician, displaying her ignorance of history. To quote Keith Olbermann, "That woman is an idiot."

With Republicans Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Joe Barton defending British Petroleum's colossal oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it's not hard to see who supports Big Business over the people of the United States. Cosmic cowgirl Sarah continues to support BP via her revelations. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that her husband Todd worked 18 years for BP.

 Fox News says it has nothing to apologize for after 400 rabbis issued an open letter asking the network to tone down host Glenn Beck's use of Nazi and Holocaust imagery. Here's the link:

When the debates have ended, the speeches have stopped and we the people go to the polls, it all comes down to this. The Republicans represent the wealthiest Americans, and the Democrats represent the rest of us: "we the people." This is what it's all about in no uncertain terms.

"They're not critical thinkers. They can't discern basic differences let alone small nuances. It's frustrating to those of us who can because we know the plutocrats like the Koch brothers are using their wealth to buy elections and de facto our laws and lifestyle." Tracy Knauss

United States Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, along with other conservative Republican groups, will be boycotting the annual meeting of conservative "value voters" because they're allowing a gay group to participate. Seems like their Big Tent is getting smaller every day.

I shall continue to bring you Tracy Knauss's art work and comments.  

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  1. Thank you Steve. Tracy is fabulous (and no, I am not a family member).

  2. I have been a huge FAN of Tracys for a very long time.
    Tracys artwork,imagination and lightening fast wit is matched by no other.
    Thanks Steve for bringing more attention to Tracys works.....and Tracy, keep doing what you do best :o)

  3. Thanks Steve. Tracys' work is the best I have seen!!!! He is spot on everytime.

  4. If only he would use his talent for good instead of evil. There is a wealth of material to lambast Obummer and all of his cronies.

    1. Our president is not perfect and many on the left are not happy with him, but he has accomplished much and is not spewing lies and vitriol and poisoning countless, less than critical minds as Tracy's targets are. Just my opinion, Mr Anonymous.

  5. Love it tho it seems she should have her own web presence.

  6. Tracy, may I post some of your images on my Stop FOX page on Facebook? Or you may post them there yourself.

  7. You may go to the Facebook page of Tracy Knauss and ask him. Thank you for helping spread his work.

  8. TRACY, you are a coward and so full of yourself a little criticism sends you into hysterics. I will post some of your art on my page but I will remove your signature and beleive me it's easy. YOU ARE FREAKING MESS, SO full of your self. And to think I use to blow smoke up your ass.
    Do you think blocking me makes a difference with me. NO. I had you blocked for 2 years and you didn't even know it.
    You wrote before you blocked me and how did you think I would see it?
    . "When our POTUS goes off track, I criticize him. He gave up on the Public Option before he even began to negotiate. And he extended the Bush tax cuts. And he negotiated behind closed doors with big Pharma, and his chief of staff lied about it. He's exhibited no leadership on global warming and has failed to have his Justice Department prosecute and Wall St. executives for bringing our economy to its knees. Therefore, I hammered him for those things."
    Let me ask a very simple question about all that. Would you promote the republicans then???? The Teabaggers???
    You have no idea do ya. You have lost touch with reality.