Friday, June 19, 2009

Congress, Iran and Reality

Congress Stupidly votes to denounce Ahmadinejad!

The coup in 1953, code name AJAX, was the CIA's first success at overthrowing a Democratically elected foreign government. This led to generations of anti-American hatred which led to the overthrow of the Shah in the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

After an coup coup d'etat and constant meddling of the United States to prop up the oppressive regime of the Shah? The U.S. arming and military support of Iraq to attack Iran, the Iran Contra affair? The Navy shooting down Iran Air flight 655 with the loss of 290 civilians? Operation Praying Mantis, the largest U.S. naval combat since WW II against Iran in 1988? Bush 41's Axis of Evil speech and border incursions?

WTF good is the U.S. Congress denouncement? Do they think that this will help the cause of the demonstrators? Do they think that a country that hates the United States for what we have done to them even cares about what our meddling Congress thinks? This denouncement only gives the regime in power to use as leverage against their own people while Congress goes home for the night.

Congress does not seem to even understand that the Ayatollah is the supreme leader, not Ahmadinejad.

Congress still does not get it. What would they say if shoe was on the other foot?

Who are the first in line wanting a right wing government overthrown? Why it's the right wing Republican party of the United States! Funny how right wingers hate each other, they know what right wingers are all about.

The world
IS watching. Both Iran and the U.S. Congress.


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