Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Senior Citizen Terrorists or Why did Grandma shoot up the mall?

Senior Citizen Terrorists? WTF?

Hoards of wheel chairs and walkers appearing from over the hill? Gangs of grey hairs, terrorizing the streets? No, they will come but it will be one by one.

I predict that in the years to come, violent crimes committed by persons 55 and over will increase.

50 million American are not cover by any health plans. Diagnosed as terminally ill, some will decide to take as many with them as they can.

As the Republican Party loses ground, the disenfranchised, those who will not or can not accept change, will turn their years of anger into action. Assassinations against their perceived enemies, those who are not with them are against them, will increase.

As IRA's, property values and retirement funds decline, anxiety from watching a life’s work disappear into someone else’s pocket, will reach the breaking points of some seniors.

Pain will cause others to snap. Pain that never goes away stymied by laws that separate people from medications that relieve or calm the pain will take revenge to suffer others pain.

Think of the mix of the above. Crazy Old Men and Women acting alone or in small cells will be very hard to stop. No one seems to keep any records of major crimes and homicides perpetuated by senior citizens. Few will notice the increase.

It is far too easy to pick up a gun, murder your family or others then blow out your own brains. Vehicular homicide by seniors will increase. Explosions from “accidental “gas leaks will increase.

When you see an old person and think to yourself “They couldn’t hurt a fly” you may just get your ass swatted.


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