Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it a Mercedes UTE? Is it a Ford Tempo Pickup?

WTF is this thing? Half car, half pickup truck. Maybe it is a Transformer?

I asked the builder/owner, AKA:  Crazy Old Man of this vehicle a few questions.

Q: What is it?
A: The title states that it is a 1993 4-door, Green Mercury Topaz. I like to call it a Mercedes UTE.

Q: What is a UTE?

A: UTE stands for Utility. They are mainly built in Australia and are based on a passenger sedan, with a seamless body-molded tray. A Ford Ranchero or the Chevy El Camino are American versions of the UTE.

Q: Why did you build this?
A: To see if a custom vehicle could be built in the driveway using hand tools and very little money.

Q: What tools did you use?
A: A borrowed reciprocal saw, a hand held grinder a saber saw, circular saw and a drill and hand tools found around the home.

Q: How long did it take you to build?
A: Around six months of work in my spare time.

Q: So how much did it cost?
A: I bought the car at an auction for $350. I spent $1,036.35 for parts and paint for a grand total of $1,368.35.

Q: Anything special in the car?
A: The car is a stock Topaz except for the body work. I have modified a 12V cooler into an arm rest. The Paint is Pettit Easypoxy Deck Paint applied with a roller and tipped with a brush.

More pictures of this build from start to finish.
This car is now for sale! Contact me at



  1. I Googled "fart knocker" and found this post! Haha! That's not a Tempo! That's a Lincoln Continental with the 4th door welded together and the top chopped off! Crazy!

  2. I built this car and it is was a four door Tempo you fart knocker!

  3. As a 1993 Tempo owner, I think this is awesome! Nice work.

  4. WOW just WOW what an awesome thing to do - my son has a 94 Tempo and wants to do some thing different to it. I'll show him what you have done so he can see that it's not just a four door car. From Montreal Canada