Friday, October 23, 2009


Cracks are forming in the foundations of our power structure. I am not talking about our crumbling infrastructure, I speak of the foundations that an authoritarian handful of those at the top of the political and religious game wheeling almost unlimited power over "We, the people" 

Those oligarchs who run our country and the rest of the world are beginning to feel a change in the wind as the Internet pulls back the curtain of secrecy and ignorance they have fostered to expose the wizard at work with his levers and knobs, even as he says "Pay no heed to the man behind the curtain" we are learning the truth from independent internet reporters.

Knowledge is power and the internet takes no prisoners. As "We, the people" are learning, the oligarchs  no longer have the curtain of ignorance, superstition, fear and infighting to contain the truth and the conform the masses to their wishes. The Genie of truth has been released from the bottle and will not be contained again.

Church, state and school leaders are scrambling to maintain their status quo as fundamental change takes the planet over. The vast majority of us have nothing to fear with the global changes coming except the closed mindedness of fear itself. We have, or are, learning that every person on the planet is like any other person. I remember back when Kennedy could not be president because he was catholic. Obama can't be president because he is black. All the old propaganda can not hold water anymore.

The only people who have to worry about this change are the authoritarians who tell us how to lead our lives as they hide behind their curtains and pull the levers, doing as they please. 
Authoritarians, your days are numbered until mankind can then live a peaceful coexistence among ourselves without your lies and deceits.
WTF you crazy old man!!!
Do I think the world can change??



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