Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida Python & Anaconda Hunting Season License March 8 2010

An over-full python became stuck in the middle of a Malaysian road after swallowing a pregnant sheep / Reuters

Florida will have a special Python hunting season which will run March 8 to April 17, 2010!

Now anyone with a valid Florida hunting license and a $26 management area permit may remove "reptiles of concern" These include Burmese and other python species, green Anacondas and Nile Monitor Lizards from the Francis Taylor, Holey Land and Rotenberger wild life area's in the Everglades.

Weapons allowed are as follows; Shotguns, rim fired rifles, rim fired pistols, nets and snares. Check for additional weapons with the Florida Fish and Game.

WTF! You know you want to do this! Looking like a Rambo extra, your Calusa obsidian blade bowie between your teeth, Waist deep in water, stirring up the sulfur smell of decay, You inhale deeply in this vast terrain of razor grass where cows, mules and the mighty steam shovels used to built the Tamiami Trail have been suffocated by the mosquitoes. There, you spot your quarry, be it man eating snake or a mutha of a lizard. The waters churn as you wrestle with your quarry. A mighty, no, titanic death  struggle of man against beast in the Everglades National swamp. USA's mainland tropical ecosystem. The widest river in the world. AKA: The River of Grass. And  don't forget the Gators, your struggles have drawn their attention and they have there own hunting season, for you and it is always open season.

"ME BE RAMBO!" your ID screams at your EGO.  

Yeah right and...
..... exhale.

Call a South Florida Guide and book your trip now!



  1. Hi!
    I found your site thru a link on the Fl Fish and Game site. Truly like the flow of your words. Brought my mind the likes of Carl Hassen and Dave Barry!
    One question though, are you for or against the idea of hunting snakes /lizards? Really couldn't tell. Or were you simply being rhetorical?

  2. I have a link on the FL fish and game site? That's too cool as is being compared to Davy Berry.

    You honour me.

    I am for ridding import species but it looks like a total lost cause to see a pristine Florida again.

    Snake tenderloin is Very tasty as is smoked lizard.