Friday, May 29, 2009

Dick Cheney Before Cheney Dick's You!

Dick Cheney before Cheney dick's you!

So this is what I have gathered from the Dick and Liz show.

There are documents, secret documents, classified documents. You know, those documents that no one can see so we will say that these documents prove that torture works! We can say that they won't be unclassified, even I, the De facto ex president, can not get these documents unclassified because they are so powerful. So the Dick and Liz show goes on with no one able to rebuke their claims.

Opps......who would have thought that Senator Carl Levin can look at these documents, say they do not back up the lies and recommends that they be declassified?

Curses, foiled again!

Looks like Dick just got dicked.

A personal question to Mr. Cheney, as a father of a wonderful daughter myself.

WTF kind of father are you? How can you whore out your daughter to foster your own deceit and lies?

Mr. Cheney, you are truly a bastered!


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