Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google + Youtube + Republicans = 0

To Fox News, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Rove, President B/C and other hard core Republicans. You need to learn a simple truth.

This is the information age!

First: Spell check is built into almost everything now. There is no excuse for misspelling words and then leaving them misspelled, unless that, no one proofreads the propaganda. Can't you stomach your own words?

Second: Everyone now can check your stories with Google,, etc. Information is now easy to access. You kids do not seem to appreciate that you have this. Back in my day, information was hard to come by. first you went to your local library. If they did not have the information, Inter library loan would be used. First checked was the local area, then the state. If you could still not find the information, there was intrastate library loans. You could try to find information buried on micro fiche. Then there was the ever popular send your money in and get back some photocopies of the information you were seeking, hoping what they sent you was the right pages.

Third: video camera, cell phones, etc. Now we the people can be the first to see video pictures and sound clips of your screw ups.

WTF are you Right wingers thinking? That you can feed us any line of BS and we won't bother to check your "facts"?



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